“April has photographed my children since they were babies in 2007. The portraits she has taken truly are incredible works of art. Each detail is so intricate as she captures their unique personalities. Not only is she talented behind the lens but she is the most genuine, warm, down-to-earth person. The kids are immediately drawn to her free spirit and humor. You will undoubtedly fall in love as her breathtaking pieces literally become family heirlooms. We are very blessed to be able to have her document the most important time in our lives so beautifully. We cherish April and her work beyond what any words can express.”

- Kari L., South Barrington


“Words cannot describe the overall experience of our sessions with April. I have worked with several photographers and the way your child connects with the photographer is just as important as the camera, lens and, experience. It shows in all of her images. April’s portraits are hung as artwork throughout my home.”

- Leila C., South Barrington

"April, You have captured my children's innocence, beauty, silliness, and most of all their love for one another in your portraits. Even when I walk away from a session drained from their lack of cooperation, you ALWAYS have the perfect picture! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me and will always keep me coming back for more. I thank you for making our family Christmas card the most anticipated year after year. Light Drawn Studios portraits are sprinkled throughout my house. I'm constantly stopping to admire them and remembering the day we took them. They are my favorite and I will treasure them always. XOXO"

- Michele G., Grayslake


"Dear April, Over the years, you have been able to capture the heart and soul of my daughters through your photographic artistry. Dick and I have cherished each portrait and will continue to do so through the years. Not only are you brilliant with these treasured renderings but you are always a pleasure to work with! Thank you!"

- Michele S., Barrington Hills