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Wednesday, January 09, 2019
By April Graves
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For years I have promised myself and my team that I would do a weekly blog...I even have added a blog page to my site...that I never has existed on my site for years with few words gracing its page...well...that is about to change.


You see, I actually LOVE to write.  In fact, I love words...I love words so much that each year I write a story...YES...a story about what my life will look like for the coming year.  Who’s life I will be able to make an impact upon with my work, which charities we will work with, what new and exciting experiences I will have with my family...what dreams will become realities.  


Each year I pick a word to live by...yep...I’m one of those cheesy people who picks a word...not by the letter of my name...not because a friend on social media writes a post, but because each year there seems to be a word that when all is still and my last Holiday orders have been delivered...our New Year has been that calm when I am donning sweats (this year’s are velour), my mind and body relax and a word comes to me.


This year my word came to me after a total pig out...I found myself enjoying my peace and quiet...a rare moment when I had a couple of hours all to myself.  So what did I do? I grabbed my laptop..started my first online class of the year and promptly popped a chocolate lava cake into the microwave. I then proceeded to smother it in whipped cream and devoured the whole thing...with my favorite spoon (it has a squared off tip with dainty flowers engraved in its bowl and it makes everything prettier when you eat with it).  


The thing is, I didn’t feel like I had treated myself..I felt disgusting when I was I had dropped a chocolate brick into my body.  


After my tummy settled, I decided I would draw a bath for myself...a luxury I don’t often make time for.  I lit candles, used a fizzy pink bath bomb and grabbed an inspirational book. I created a beautiful melody on my Relax Melodies app (this app offers a myriad of sounds and you simply combine them to create your own tune)...a symphony of birds chirping...Eternity (whatever that evokes) and Immersed (kind of a gentle water sound).  All I could think was how this whole experience nourished my soul...and the 2019 word was born...NOURISH!


I decided that before I eat anything I will determine if it will NOURISH my body.  I will make more time for church to NOURISH my soul. I will make time to take care of myself - manis and pedis, massages, more baths... to NOURISH my spirit.  I will create more artwork to NOURISH my creative side. I will take more long walks and practice yoga to NOURISH my well being. I will read more to NOURISH my intellect.  


I hope that my new blog nourishes you and perhaps inspires you to find your word...your thing...your mojo for the year.