In the blink of an eye…
Wednesday, June 12, 2019
By April Graves
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I can’t believe my sweet girl has finished high school and in 2 short months will be on her way to college at Loyola University Chicago!  I swear I just turned around for a minute and she grew up! I look at the images I have been able to make of her throughout her life and I am eternally grateful for the gifts of those pieces and the momentary glances that I have backward in time.

I will treasure her images always and only wish that some of my most creative pieces had come earlier in life...I will never have those images of Alyssa and William believing in Santa or her resting upon a pile of mattresses that nearly reach the ceiling.   Nor will the magic of a unicorn princess be mine... I am so grateful however that she is still willing to don a crown of flowers and giggle with me until our sides hurt.

My sweet girl I will miss seeing your face in person every day...but I will cherish our time and the portraits I have to keep you close by.


- April

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