An Event for Women, by Women
Tuesday, March 10, 2020
By April Graves
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I’m not even sure where to begin…


Perhaps the best word I can come up with is humbled…or maybe it is blessed...all I can truly say is THANK YOU to all of my amazing friends and clients who came out to celebrate and donate to our 100 Women event for Wings.


What a blessing to have so many wonderful women here to support me that evening and to give limitlessly to the women and children of Wings.  We were able to raise several thousand dollars that night to support those who need it most. 

With Sunday having been National Women’s Day, I can say I am truly grateful for the women in my life.  So many of you showed best friend from my childhood...some of my besties from high school...clients who have become friends...women who I just met for the first team of amazing women...and so on.  At some point, one of our vendors commented on how great my best friend was...and then she came and commented again on how she wasn’t even sure who my best friend was because so many women there that night seemed like they could be my best.  So thank you!  


Thank you all for being the women who inspire me...the women who believe in my work...the women who believe in supporting other women...the women who have been by my side through thick and thin...the women who God just gave to me recently but are so deeply connected to my life...the women who go out everyday and do their best to make a difference in the world...the amazing mamas, doctors, business women, students, wives, single mamas, girlfriends, sisters, ladies, leaders, independent thinkers, champagne sipping difference makers…


I love you all and am so blessed to be able to call you mine in any form or fashion. 






We are still accepting donations! Your $100 will provide a night of safety at WINGS for a woman and her children and as our thank you for your generous donation, you will receive a gift certificate to Light Drawn Studios to be used toward a children, family, or Beautiful Things with Wings portrait session plus an $200 portrait credit to use toward you order! This will be the one time this year that you can use a gift certificate for a Beautiful Things with Wings session! 

CLICK HERE to donate!


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