A Month of Gratitude
Thursday, October 31, 2019
By April Graves
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I would like to think of myself as an incredibly grateful human being...I hope that all who come to know me would feel my gratitude and how blessed I feel to have gotten to know so many of you and to have others who might be reading this whom I hope to get to know someday.  I start each day with a prayer of gratitude, listing off the big and small things that I am ever so grateful for that morning. I find it starts my day by both grounding me and lifting my spirit. Gratitude eases any anxiety and helps me to focus on living my life to its fullest and to reach for my dreams.  Gratitude gives birth to love, joy, peace, and creativity. I also end each day with a prayer of gratitude, allowing me to focus on all of the positivity of the day and to prepare my mind and body for a peaceful night’s sleep. 


I am eternally grateful for the love of my family, my beautiful children and my loyal and supportive husband.  I am grateful for my friends and my team at LIght Drawn Studios. I am grateful for the roof over my head and the shoes on my feet (especially the ones that make me feel pretty).  I am grateful for old friends whom I have recently reconnected with as well as new friends. I am grateful for the people who believe in me and my dreams no matter how big and crazy they sound.  I am grateful for the change of seasons and the colors that wash the Earth with each passing month. I am grateful for nights at home with my loves, glasses of wine with girlfriends, phone calls with my mom, visits from my sister.  I am grateful to be able to share my gifts with the world and to hopefully make an impact on the community that reaches beyond my immediate grasp.


 During the month of November, I would love to hear from each of you about what you are most grateful for!  


Happy Month of Gratitude!





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